Quinte Pigeon Pet & Poultry Association

Boxing Birds/Animals Rules

1. As we auction off birds/animals, they are put into a "show cage" so they can be properly seen. However gamebirds, cage birds and the occasional other item will be left in their boxes to avoid them escaping.

2. When making your boxes we ask that you cut a window, that's roughly 1/3 the size of the side its cut on. Any type of wire can be used to cover this window. This is for both the buyers and sellers benefit because if the buyer can better see the quality and colour, they are more apt to bid on that particular bird and also to bid higher.

3. If you do decide to sell your birds in a wire crate and you do not want the crate sold with them, you must provide a box for them to go in after they've been sold. If no box is provided, the crate will be sold with the birds.

4. Wire crates being used instead of boxes must have some sort of solid bottom, so the animals toes don't get pinched off and to prevent mess.

5. No sick birds. We will not sell sick birds, and the seller will be asked to remove his birds from the sale.

6. ABSOLUTELY NO OVER-CROWDING. We will not auction off a box over-filled with animals. (If the Humane Society is present there may be repurcusions.)

7. You must have strong boxes. Soggy boxes will not be accepted.

8. TAKE YOUR BOXES HOME. If you are removing birds from the boxes to put them in crates, you are still responsible for the removal of the empty boxes. The recreation committee(who we rent the building from) has brought this problem to our attention a few times. It is not fair that we(the club) have to dispose of your garbage. Be responsible, clean up.

9. We will not sell baby rabbits under 6 weeks old.