Quinte Pigeon Pet & Poultry Association

Costs to Sell/Buy 

Selling: To sell at our sale "lot numbers" are $5. "Box tags" are $0.25 each. Our commision on sold items varies slighty and to our sellers benefit. Any item sold under $75, we take 15% on as commision. Any item sold over $75, we only take 10% on as commision. 

Buying: There is no registering, or buying, "bidders numbers" at our sale. To bid simply raise your hand during the sale and pay the "Runners" when they bring your purchased item.


Buying/Selling Rules

Bidding- To bid on birds you don't need a buyers (aka bidding) number. You simply raise your hand to bid. Once you've won the bid, one of our "runners" will bring you your box of birds. You give the "runner" your money and they will bring it up to the "Money Table" for you. If there is change they will bring it back to you.

Paying- We only accept cash at our sale. Sorry, no cheques, or debit/credit cards.

**We sell each box as one, not per bird/animal. So the price you hear the auctioneer calling is for everything in the box, not per bird unless specified by the auctioneer.** 

Selling Birds

Getting a "Lot Number" - "Lot Numbers" are given out on a first come first serve basis. The doors of the sale barn open at 7:00am however there are usually sellers there before that, lined up to get a "lot number". Generally the earlier you get lined up the more selection of lot number there will be, which will dictate how late or early into the sale your birds will be auctioned off. 
To get a "Lot Number" you have to go to the "money table".  We do not give out "Lot Numbers" before the sale day. And you cannot get a "Lot Number" over the phone from one of the sale organizers before the sale.

"Lot Numbers" - "Lot Numbers" are simply the order in which everyones birds are sold. To sell birds you need a "Lot Number" and "box tags". You can get both at the "Money Table". We charge $5 for a "Lot Number" and $0.25 per "box tag". (Which is better than other sales which charge $10, $15 or even $20 for a lot number in addition to the cost of box tags.) This $5 "Lot Number" fee covers all the items you're selling in your lot. 

"Box Tags" info - "Box Tags" are the identification card for each box. Each box of birds require a box tag(if you have 3 boxes, with 2 chickens in each box you need 3 "box tags".If you've filled out "box tags" at other sales then you should know what you're doing. As a heads up, all that's needed on our "box tags" is:
1. Lot number
2. # of birds/animals in the box
3. Type of bird/animal
4. Name and phone number are optional.

Venders Outside - We do not allow venders outside. Meeting up with someone to pick up a few pre-sold birds is fine, but no setting up camp and selling from the back of your vehicle).